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Volkswagen Jetta Rear Rotor Removal

Volkswagen Jettas equipped with rear disc brakes have a rotor mounted on the rear axle hub. The surface of the rotor will wear with use, and periodically it will need to be replaced. In some instances, the rotor can warp or distort, and will need to be replaced sooner that at the scheduled replacing time. Removing the rear rotor from a Volkswagen Jetta is a task that can be performed by an amateur mechanic: All you need are a few simple tools.

Removing the Wheels

    Disconnect the ground cable from the negative battery terminal. Loosen the retaining bolt with a wrench, then pull the clamp off the terminal. Block the front wheels and tires. Raise the rear of the vehicle using an automotive jack and support with jack stands. Unscrew the lug screws on the rear wheels, using a lug wrench. Pull the wheel off the hub and remove it from the vehicle.

Removing the Rear Rotor

    Unscrew the two bolts that hold the brake caliper bracket in place. Lift the brake caliper upwards, and use a wire or plastic tie to connect it to the coil spring. Make sure you do not put any stress on the rubber brake line. Pry the center cap off the hub, using a flat blade screwdriver. Pull the cotter pin from the hub. Using needle nose pliers, straighten the ends of the cotter pin and pull it from the hub nut. Pull the toothed washer out of the hub, using your hand. Unscrew the hub nut, using a socket. Next, pull out the washer and wheel bearing. Pull the brake disc outward, and slide it off the hub, then remove it from the vehicle.

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