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Tools to Remove Automotive Windshields

Tools to Remove Automotive Windshields

The removal of a windshield is a specialized task that requires specialized tools. Both hand-driven and power tools exist to remove a windshield and either keep the weather stripping around it intact or remove damaged weather stripping to be replaced along with the windshield.

Cut Out Wire

    A cut-out wire is literally a braided metal wire with two plastic handles that attach to either end of the wire. The wire is worked under the weather stripping all around the edge of the windshield. After the wire is securely in place, it is then used to lift the windshield out of place on the vehicle.

Starting Tool

    A starting tool is made up of a plastic handle and a very long metal blade. The tool's blade tapers off gradually until a sharp end that is less than a quarter-inch thick. The starting tool is used to penetrate under the windshield's weather stripping, giving a starting point for the insertion of a cut-out wire.

Suction Cups

    Heavy duty suction cups are used to lift and transport the windshield as it is being removed from the vehicle. These suction cups are specially designed to not lose suction under the weight of a windshield.

Power Removers

    Power windshield removers are a faster way to remove auto windshields. At first glance, a power windshield remover looks very similar to a power drill. The end of the tool has a flat blade that is inserted under the weather stripping and lifts the edge of the windshield out of place. Another attachment for the power remover are designed to cut through weather stripping that needs to be removed.

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