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Instructions for Fixing Car Windows

Instructions for Fixing Car Windows

Auto repairs can cost unlimited time and money to get the job done. Repairing a cracked car window, however, is one repair you can do yourself without having to take your car in for professional repairs. Make sure you purchase the needed materials and do the repair outside on a sunny day.



    Clean the window with a solution of detergent and water. Dry the window thoroughly.


    Remove loose pieces of glass from within the crack. Wearing goggles, carefully pick out the pieces using the corner of a razor blade.


    Create suction over the crack. Place the stabilizer on top of the cracked area and push down on it until intense suction is apparent.


    Place the resin tube into the injector, and put the injector into the opening at the injector site on the suction stabilizer.


    Remove the injector from the stabilizer. You will see the suction begin to draw the resin into the crack.


    Take the stabilizer off the window, and place a strip of curing film over the repair.


    Wait a few hours, or until the resin has dried, before removing the film.

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