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How to Take Out a Windshield

Removing a car's windshield is best left to a professional. But if you do not want to spend the money, or just want to get a windshield out of an old, junked car, you can do it yourself. If you have a friend on hand, as well as the right tools, removing a windshield is not all that difficult. It can, however, cause damage to your car windshield gaskets and to the old windshield, so do it correctly and with care.



    Remove the plastic clips (if any) that are holding the weather stripping or the rubber gasket around the edge of the windshield. Apply silicone around the edge of the windshield itself. This will help it slide out more easily.


    Place towels or cardboard on the hood to prevent any scratching when the windshield is removed.


    Using your fingers or a flathead screwdriver, remove any gaskets or plastic molding that may be between the car frame and windshield These should come out very easily. If your car has interior gaskets or windshield trim inside the car, remove these as well, to avoid damaging them.


    Attach a suction-cup device (one made for removing windshields) to the glass so that you or a friend can safely grip the windshield and put it on the ground.


    Recline both front seats and get inside the car. Lie down in one of the seats, placing your feet on the upper corners of the windshield.


    Gently push the windshield away from the car frame by making short thrusts with your legs. Do not push too hard. The windshield should come right out of the car. If not, re-apply the silicone lubricant, and check for additional gaskets or trim that may still be holding the windshield to the car.

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