Senin, 15 Juli 2013

How to Replace the Rear Glass on a 2001 Dodge Dakota

The Durango is a mid-size sport utility vehicle manufactured by Dodge. It is designed for people who want something larger than a sedan but not a full-size SUV. Introduced in 1998, the Durango features a V-8 engine. It is also equipped with a sturdy rear window that should last the life of the SUV. If the rear glass breaks, it can be a costly annoyance, but you can save money by replacing the rear glass yourself. It's important that you perform the procedure correctly to ensure a watertight seal.



    Remove any remaining glass from the old rear window using a windshield knife.


    Mount the new glass to the mating flange of the body shell. The glass should be positioned where the outer and inner body panels connect.


    Apply a bead of caulk to the mating flange. Allow the caulk to dry.


    Secure the rear glass in place with screws or bolts.

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