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How to Replace a Brake Bulb

How to Replace a Brake Bulb

Brake lights are an important part of a well operating vehicle because they signal other drivers that you are slowing down or coming to a stop. Without brake lights, you have an increased risk of having an accident. In addition, police officers can pull you over and issue you a ticket for faulty equipment if you have a brake light bulb that has burned out. However, there is no need to put yourself at risk of an accident or to incur the cost of expensive tickets when you can replace the bulb yourself. The process is easy enough for anyone to do.



    Purchase the correct replacement bulb for your vehicle make and model. You can use the Internet to find the correct bulb or ask an attendant at an auto supply store to look it up for you.


    Determine how to access your brake light bulb by inspecting the brake light assembly for screws. If there are screws, you can access the bulb from the outside of the vehicle. If your brake light assembly has no screws, you will need to access the bulb from inside the trunk.


    Unscrew the lens cover from the outside of the vehicle or remove the plastic panel cover from inside the trunk.


    Unscrew the old bulb by pushing it in and turning. Dispose of the old bulb in a small cardboard box to prevent it from breaking and cutting you when you handle the garbage.


    Use a wire brush or cleaning rag to remove corrosion from the empty socket.


    Insert the new bulb into the empty socket, and then push it in and turn to screw it into place. Have a friend step on the brake pedal so you can make sure it is working properly.


    Replace the plastic panel cover inside of the trunk or screw the lens cover back into place.


    Turn on your headlights, press on the brake pedal and have a friend check to make sure that all of the lights are working properly.

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