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How to Repair a Warped Brake Rotor

How to Repair a Warped Brake Rotor

A warped brake rotor on your vehicle is a nuisance and a danger, especially if it's cracked. Though it's referred to as a warped rotor, most often it's a rotor that has worn unevenly with a varying thickness. One symptom of a warped rotor is when you push the brake pedal and feel it pulsating. A clunking noise is another. Experienced home mechanics can repair warped rotors themselves by following a series of steps.


Raise the Vehicle


    Insert blocks behind the rear wheels and apply the emergency brake.


    Loosen all the lug nuts, but don't totally remove any.


    Unsnap the master cylinder lid and wrap a shop cloth around it to catch any fluid spills. When the caliper is squeezed it might push fluid over the top of the master cylinder's reservoir.


    Position the floor jack under the center of the front frame and jack it up. If a small jack is used, raise one wheel at a time.


    Place two jack stands under the vehicle's frame, one under each side near the front wheels.


    Unbolt all the lug nuts and remove both front wheels.

Remove the Calipers and Rotors


    Place a clamp over the caliper and compress it. Push the piston all the way into the caliper .


    Unscrew the two bolts that secure the caliper to the spindle and remove the caliper. Take care not to stretch or damage the hydraulic brake line.


    Remove the grease cap, cotter pin and spindle nut. Bump the rotor enough to pop the outer wheel bearing from its seat.


    Remove the rotors and replace them with the new set.


    Replace the brake pads and reinstall the caliper.

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