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How to Repair a Power Window on a Windstar 2002

The primary components of a power window are the glass, the regulator that holds the glass, the control switches and the wiring connecting the switch to the regulator. Cracked or broken window glass needs to be replaced, but the regulator, the switches and the wiring can also cause problems. What you need to do for repairs depends on where the malfunction is. This can be tricky on a Ford Windstar 2002 van, as the window glass and regulator are installed with rivets instead of bolts.



    Disconnect the van's negative battery cable with the window down.


    Pry out the trim cover for the inside handle with a small flat screwdriver, then pull out the switch control plate, disconnecting its electrical connector. Replace the control plate and skip to Step 8 if that's all you need.


    Pull out the side mirror cover, then remove all the screws on the door panel along the edges and behind the switch plate. Pull the panel off its clips and off the door, then peel away the watershield.


    Disconnect the electrical connector for the window regulator. If the wiring is damaged and this is the only issue, install a new wiring harness and skip to Step 7.


    Drill out the rivets holding the window glass to the regulator and lift the glass out of the door. Drill out the regulator's rivets, then pull the arm bracket and regulator out through the service hole.


    Install the new regulator within the door and fasten it with a rivet gun. Slide and lower the door glass into the door and regulator and apply rivets to it, then connect the electrical connector.


    Paste the watershield back onto the door and reinstall the door panel with its clips and screws.


    Plug in the electrical connector and install the switch plate followed by all other small trim panels you removed.


    Reconnect the battery cable.

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