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How to Repair a Cracked Car Window

How to Repair a Cracked Car Window

Window damage on your vehicle is among the easiest repair jobs. Just because you have some cracks in the auto glass doesn't mean you need professional repair services. A sunny day and a few supplies available at most auto stores are all you need to get the job done.



    Park the car in the sun. Wash the window to remove all buildup. A simple solution of detergent and water will do. Use a soft sponge or cloth to wash and dry the window completely.


    Pick out loose pieces of glass from within the crack. Put your goggles on, then turn the razor blade on its edge to flick them out. Be careful not to cut yourself.


    Suction the stabilizer to the window over the damaged areas. Press the suction cup against the window until you can see and feel the suction between both elements.


    Put the tube filled with resin into the injector, then place the injector into the stabilizer.


    Take the injector out so the suction can begin to pull the resin into the cracks, naturally filling them for repair.


    Lift the stabilizer off the window after all of the resin has been drawn out of the tube.


    Place a strip of curing film onto the repaired area. Do not remove the strip until the resin has completely cured.

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