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How to Repair a 2001 Ford Mustang Driver Side Window

How to Repair a 2001 Ford Mustang Driver Side Window

A broken driver-side window on your 2001 Ford Mustang can be a serious problem, exposing your car -- and you -- to the elements and acting as an open invitation to thieves. If your window becomes damaged, replace it immediately to ensure you car does not get stolen or damaged any further. only simple tools are need to carry out this repair.



    Open up your driver's-side door. Locate the screws on the rubber trim on the side wing mirror and around the window frame. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the mounting screws holding the trim in place. Pull the trim from around the window frame and the mirror.


    Use a wrench to remove the mounting bolts attached to the black plate that is fixed to the door. Remove the plate from the door.


    Remove the bolts that connect the window to the window regulator with a hex wrench. This will free the window from the door frame.


    Remove all of the window from the frame. Ensure you do not cut your hands on the broken pieces of glass as you remove them.


    Place a new window pan into the frame of the driver's door. Fix the window in place by connecting the mounting bolts between the window and the regulator. Reattach the door assembly by following the removal steps in reverse.

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