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How to Remove Windshields

How to Remove Windshields

Sticks and stones and just plain old age can be enough to make you want to remove the windshields from your car to replace the seal or the glass itself. The process of removing windshields is surprisingly simple and requires little in the way of specialized tools. All the tools you need are readily available at your local auto-parts store.



    Cover the windshield with a large towel to protect it while you are working. Slide the metal end of the trim removal tool under the stainless-steel trim of the windshield. What you cannot see is that beneath the trim there are clips holding it in place. Work the tool under the trim until one of the hooks on the end of the tool catches one of the clips. When you feel this, gently pull the tool toward the center of the windshield. When the clip opens you will hear a popping noise. Repeat this all the way around the windshield until all the clips holding the trim in place have been opened. Some front windshields are held in place with small screws; these can be seen easily. Remove the screws. Once the clips are opened or the screws removed, take the trim off the car, being careful not to bend it.


    Cut the butyl window seal off the exterior of the window with a utility knife. Don't be concerned about removing this in one piece; if you install a replacement windshield you will need to put a new butyl seal in place.

    Use a Cold Knife to cut the Inner Seal

    Insert the 90-degree blade of the cold knife into the channel between the frame of the car and the windshield. Turn the handle so the blade rotates under the windshield and cuts into the butyl seal between the frame and thickness of the glass. Always holding the handle of the cold knife straight up from the surface of the glass, pull the cold knife by the T-handle smoothly and steadily around the entire window.


    Sit in the car. The windshield is being supported by frame rests, so you don't have to worry about it falling on top of you. Push outward on the glass at the top near the center, put the wood between the glass and frame to hold the gap and go back around to the outside of the car.


    Grasp the edge of the glass in the gap and pull it out and away from the frame of the car to remove the windshield.

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