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How to Remove Window Tint Steam

How to Remove Window Tint Steam

All window tints become cracked or damaged over time, requiring you to remove the tint in order to apply a new sheet. When it comes to removing window tint, using a steam machine is one of the best options. Professionals use steamers because it makes the process go a lot faster and smoother and there is less of a chance of damaging the window in the process. Applying steam the window dissolves the adhesive, allowing you to peel away the tint in a quick motion.



    Apply steam to the interior of the window to lift the tint film. Run steamer along the outer edges of the film for two to three minutes working side to side.


    Lift the edge of the film using your finger nails and slowly pull downward applying steam heat to the film as you go. The steam will continually melt the adhesive, allowing you to lift away the full section of tint leaving minimal residue and pieces behind.


    Scrape away any large sections that remain on the window using a razor blade. Spray with soapy water during this process to keep the area moist.


    Soak the window thoroughly with soapy water and scrub clean with a super-fine steel wool scrub. This will lift up any adhesive left on the surface. Wipe window clean with dish soap water and paper towels.

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