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How to Remove Glass in a Jeep Cherokee

How to Remove Glass in a Jeep Cherokee

Removing the glass windshield in a Jeep Cherokee is not something that ought to be a do-it-yourself project. While most car repairs can be done effectively and more inexpensively at home, in the Jeep Cherokee, installing the glass improperly can lead to instability in the frame, causing it to buckle in the event of a rollover. On the other hand, a cracked windshield can get you pulled over by the police and handed a rather hefty ticket. Fortunately for owners, removing the glass is the easy part.



    Take the windshield wiper arms off using a flathead screwdriver.


    Push your flathead screwdriver carefully under the trim and lift up. Going around the entire windshield, lift, loosen and remove the trim using your screwdriver.


    Cut the adhesive strip holding your windshield with a razor blade. Cut it as evenly as possible all the way around.


    Pop the windshield out of its mount by pushing a crowbar under the corner of the windshield and lifting up. Be gentle as possible as this is the step where you are the most likely to shatter the windshield.


    Lift the windshield out of your Jeep. As the windshield is large and somewhat heavy, it's recommended that you use two people to do this.

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