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How to Remove a Driver's Side Power Window Panel

There are many reasons a driver's side power window panel might need to be removed. Any time the power windows go out, it is necessary to remove the panel to figure out what the problem is. Car repair centers typically charge a lot of money to fix this. If you are handy with electrical equipment or just want to see how things work for yourself, it is a simple matter to remove the door panel and pull out the window panel. From there almost anything can be done to the power windows.



    Remove the mirror panel. This is the panel that is the closest to the driver's side mirror on the inside of the door. It should pop out easily. Set aside.


    Remove the pull handle. Unscrew the screw connecting the door handle to the door. (Throughout the process, put all screws in a bucket so you don't lose them.) Pull the handle until it loosens, and then slide it toward the steering wheel. This will remove the door handle from the door. Unscrew the two screws connecting the other half of the door handle to the door.


    Uncover the screw at the front of the door connecting the door cover to the inside of the door. Remove the screw behind the door handle. Unclip the connector holding the door handle to the door. Twist toward you and pull off gently. Pry the pop lock up -inch, using a flathead screwdriver. Remove the whole lock with your hands or pliers.


    Grab the door panel and gently wiggle it side-to-side. Wiggle top, bottom, and sides. The door panel should pull easily up and off the door. The panel will be connected to the door with several wire connectors. Gently free these by pressing the tab on each connector.


    Remove the plastic sheeting covering the power window controls. The controls should be placed near the window.


    Use the flathead screwdriver and pliers to carefully remove the power window panel from the inside of the door. It should be connected to the door with wires and screws. Unscrew all the screws and put them in the bucket. Unclip the wires by pressing on their tabs. Pull the window panel out with pliers or your fingers depending on the size. You're finished removing the window panel from the door.

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