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How to Install a YJ Windshield

How to Install a YJ Windshield

The Jeep Wrangler series is a sport utility automobile and an off-road vehicle made by the American automaker Chrysler. The YJ model in particular, refers to Jeep models that were manufactured between 1987 to 1995. Cracked windshields on a Jeep can be dangerous on and off the road. Fortunately, do-it-yourself windshield installation can save the owner money. With a few tools and an assistant, windshield replacement can be done without seeing a body mechanic.



    Contact a Jeep Wrangler manufacturer to order a replacement windshield suitable to the size and dimension of the YJ. Consider ordering -- if need be -- the windshield through a specialty auto glass retailer.


    Place safety glasses and utility gloves on to protect yourself against the windshield glass.


    Remove the rearview mirror first. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws that secure the mirror inside the windshield. Slide a Flathead screwdriver underneath the mirror's base to lift and pry it up. Slice the mirror's adhesive layer with a thin razor blade if it is too hard to remove with the screwdriver. Set the mirror aside.


    With a trim removal tool, dismantle the Jeep's top trim piece which outlines the outside of the windshield. Insert the tool's hook inside the trim's gap -- the windshield's base and weatherstripping. Allow the hook to reach all the way down inside the trim until it stops at the clip. Pull on the clip upwards to pop the trim up; once it is loosened, remove the trim piece by hand.


    Cut the window's inside molding with a carpet knife, from the outside of the Jeep. Cut in smooth strokes, slicing only around the perimeter.


    Get inside the Jeep. Push on the glass with both hands so that the windshield will dislodge itself from the frame. Have an assistant catch the glass from the outside of the vehicle so glass will not shatter.


    Use mild soap and a rag to wipe away any adhesive buildup from inside of the frame.


    Apply urethane caulk on the inside of the window frame in short beads. With your assistant's help, ease the replacement windshield in the bottom of the frame first. Lift the upper portion of the glass inside the frame. From outside the Jeep, put your body weight on the glass to add pressure to it, sealing the caulk adhesive in so that it creates an airtight seal.


    Allow the urethane caulk to set for 24 to 48 hours. Remount the rearview mirror once the windshield is set into place.

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