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How to Install a Windshield in a Chevy Camaro

How to Install a Windshield in a Chevy Camaro

You must keep the windshield in your Chevy Camaro in the best possible condition to ensure clear visibility when taking your vehicle out on the road. If any cracks or breaks appear in your windshield, you must have it repaired or replaced. You can save yourself a lot of money by installing the windshield yourself. You can pick up all the tools you will need for the job from your local auto store.


Removing the Windshield


    Locate the two mounting screws on the base of the rear-view wing mirror. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove one of the screws from the base. Place the screw in a safe place for reattachment later. Slide the wing mirror away from the base. This will give you best access to the windshield.


    Cut the rubber trim from around the edge of the windshield. Carefully use a sharp blade to make an incision in the top of the trim. Cut the rest of the rubber trim away from the windshield in a clockwise direction. You must remove all of the trim.


    Enter the vehicle and carefully press the center of the windshield until it begins to come away from the frame. Have someone standing outside the vehicle to help take the weight of the windshield.

Installing the Windshield


    Place a layer of sealant around the edge of the windshield. Fix the new gasket to the bottom of the windshield. You must locate the gasket in the dead center with the heavy part of the gasket on the inside and the slit on the outside.


    Tie a nylon cord around the outer groove of the windshield. This will help fix the rubber lip in place once it comes to installing the windshield.


    Lift the windshield on to the windshield frame. Have someone press the windshield against the frame for a few minutes to allow the seal to set in place.


    Enter the vehicle and pull the nylon cord across the bottom of the windshield. This will allow the rubber lip to set in place.


    Fix the wing mirrors back on to their bases and secure in place by reattaching the screws.

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