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How to Install an Old Chevy Windshield

How to Install an Old Chevy Windshield

The condition of an old Chevy is one which must be continually monitored. The windshield is one component which must be serviced regularly. If you find a crack or a break in your windshield you must either repair or replace it. Both procedures will involve removing and installing the windshield. The process to carry out this work is fairly simple but requires help to remove and insert the windshield.



    Remove the rear-view wing mirrors from your Chevy by using a screwdriver to remove the mounting screws which hold them in place. This will give you easy access to the windshield.


    Remove the rubber seal completely from around the edges of the windshield. Use a sharp knife or blade to cut away all of the seal. As you cut the edges carefully use your hands to pull it off from around the vehicle. Place the seal in the trash.


    Press against the windshield from inside the Chevy to remove it from the vehicle. Have someone outside the vehicle to help you life the windshield from the car.


    Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the new windshield. This will help seal it in place on the vehicle. Attach the new gasket to the shield so that the heavy part is on the bottom and the slit is at the side. Place a cord around the edges of the windshield to give it added support when placed in to the vehicle.


    Place the new windshield on to the vehicle. Press down on the glass from outside the car to allow the seal to set in place. Attach the cord to the inside of the vehicle. Clean the windshield and dashboard to ensure there are no shards of glass in the vehicle.

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