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How to Install an Austin Healey Windshield

How to Install an Austin Healey Windshield

You can install a new windshield on your sporty Austin-Healey right from home, using some supplies purchased from any auto parts store. You will need the help of an assistant to complete this task. Save a little bit of money by locating a quality, used windshield from an auto wrecking yard or parts seller. It is very important to correctly install your windshield so that it will properly protect you and your passengers. The rubber gasket and urethane glue affix the windshield to the frame.



    Warm up the new gasket to make it looser and easier to stretch around the windshield. You can do this by putting it in a warm room or in the sun.


    Fit the rubber gasket around the replacement windshield. The slit on the gasket needs to face outside the Austin-Healey. Run a thin bead of sealant all the way around the outermost channel of the gasket.


    Wipe petroleum jelly onto the gasket's outer groove, putting a little bit extra at the top and bottom center of the gasket.


    Run a heavy nylon cord into this outer groove and leave about a foot length on each end of the cord hanging out from the bottom center of the gasket.


    Put on some work gloves. Place the windshield into the Austin-Healey's windshield frame from outside of the vehicle while your assistant guides it into place from inside the vehicle. Ask the assistant to pull the cord ends inside the car so that they are resting on the dashboard.


    Press the gasket onto the frame from outside the car while your assistant pulls on one end of the cord slowly, pulling the gasket's lip out and around the windshield frame.


    Allow the urethane sealant to cure for about two days before driving the vehicle.

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