Sabtu, 20 Juli 2013

How to Install a 1953 Ford Pickup Windshield

When installing the new windshield in your 1953 Ford Pickup, you should have someone on hand to help insert the windshield into the vehicle. You can pick up the tools and components you will need for the job from your local auto parts store.



    Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove one of the two mounting screws on the base of the rear-view wing mirror. Slide the wing mirror off its base. Repeat the process on the second wing mirror. This will give you best access to the windshield.


    Cut the rubber seal around the edges of the windshield, from inside the truck, with a sharp blade. Pull the rubber seal away with your hand. Carefully push the windshield out of the frame. Have someone on hand outside the vehicle to help lift the windshield off the truck.


    Attach the new gasket on to the windshield so that the heavy part of the gasket is on the inside of the windshield and the slit on the outside.


    Insert a nylon cord around the outer groove of the windshield. This will allow you to pull the gasket to the inner side of the windshield once the windshield is in place.


    Lift the windshield in to place in the frame. Have someone on hand to help lift the windshield in to place. Make sure that the end of the cord is inside the frame.


    Pull the nylon cord from the inside of the vehicle to work the rubber lip to the inside of the frame.

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