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How to Find Truck Mirror Replacements

How to Find Truck Mirror Replacements

From time to time trucks need replacement parts and if you're looking for truck mirror replacements you may not know where to begin. Finding mirror replacements can be easier than you think if you just know where to get started. Don't let your truck be driven around with cracked or damaged mirrors, find new ones easily and affordable.



    Try a salvage yard, also known as the junkyard, which can have plenty of truck mirrors and with new part-finding technology, all you need to know is your truck's make, model and year in order for them to do a search for you. Buying replacement mirrors from a salvage yard is less expensive than getting a new one from a parts store or dealership.


    Locate a dealership. If you can't find your truck mirror at a salvage yard or want to have only new equipment on your truck you can locate a new mirror replacement at the dealer who sells your model of truck. If they don't have it in stock they can order it for you. Prices are usually more expensive but you will get new parts made specifically for your truck.


    Visit a parts store, which can order truck mirror replacements at prices usually less expensive than a dealer. However, keep in mind that some parts stores will have to order the part from the dealer, which can cost more than if you had the dealer order it for you since the parts store is now the middleman. Some will have other brands of truck mirror replacement parts and will carry them in stock.


    Try an online site. Sites such as Automotive Mirrors and Pick Up Specialties have truck mirror replacement parts that you can order from the comfort of your home. All you need is the truck's make, model and year and have a credit card handy.

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