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How to Change the Brakes on a 1999 Grand Cherokee

How to Change the Brakes on a 1999 Grand Cherokee

The 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee is equipped with front and rear disc brakes in a hydraulically operated system. The same procedure is used to replace both the front and rear brakes. You should always plan on replacing the pads on both front brakes or both rear brakes at the same time when the squealing and hissing noises from the wear indicators is heard. Since the front brakes provide nearly 70 percent of the Jeep's stopping power, they will need to be replaced more frequently.



    Remove the caps from the brake fluid reservoir. Loosen the wheel lug nuts with a tire iron, raise the front end of the vehicle and support it on jack stands. Completely remove the lug nuts and then remove the wheel.


    Push the piston back into the bore to provide room for the new brake pads by using a screwdriver to pry the caliper outward, which will depress the piston. As the piston is depressed, the fluid in the master cylinder will rise, so it may be necessary to siphon brake fluid from the reservoir to prevent overflowing.


    Wash the brake with brake system cleaner and then pry off the caliper support spring using a screwdriver.


    Remove the caps from the caliper slide pins and unscrew the slide pins. The banjo bolt should not be removed. Lift off the caliper and pull on the inner pad to disengage the retaining clips from the bores of the pistons. After removing the pad, hang the caliper with a length of wire to the coil spring.


    Remove the outer brake pad from the caliper mounting bracket.


    Apply anti-squeal compound to the backs of the new pads, following instructions on the container. Install the new inner brake pad by pushing the retaining clips straight into the piston. Make sure the clips are fully engaged by the pad being seated flat against the piston.


    Install the outer pad in the caliper mounting bracket. The wear indicator arrow must be position at the top for the front brake pads.


    Install the caliper onto the mounting bracket. Lubricate the slide pins with high-temperature grease. Install the slide pins and tighten them to 21 to 30 ft-lbs. using the torque wrench.


    Install the caliper support spring, making sure it seats properly. Tighten the caliper mounting bolts to 66 to 85 ft-lbs. pounds using a torque wrench.


    Replace the wheel, tighten the lug nuts and lower the vehicle from the jack stands. Firmly depress the brake pedal a few times to bring the pads into contact with the discs. Check for brake fluid leakage and make sure the brake operate normally before driving in heavy traffic.

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