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How Do I Replace the Windshield in a GMC Safari?

How Do I Replace the Windshield in a GMC Safari?

You can replace the windshield on your GMC Safari right from your home garage. The windshield has many functions aside from just keeping debris out of your vehicle. It protects you from being thrown from the vehicle during an accident, and it helps hold the roof up should the Safari roll over. Replace the windshield on your Safari if it has cracks or chips in it. If you have experience working on cars and the aid of an assistant, you can do the job yourself. If you are not used to working with cars or glass, hire a professional instead.



    Unscrew one of the screws on the rear view mirror and slide the block and mirror out. Set them aside.


    Remove the wipers by lifting them up into the cleaning position. Pry up the wipers with a flathead screwdriver between the large nut and the wiper's arm. Rock the screwdriver back and forth until the wiper arms come off. Set them aside.


    Seal the vents on the dashboard with tape.


    Cut the windshield's rubber gasket with a knife from inside the Safari. Do this by inserting it into the middle of the rubber next to the glass. Cut all the way around the windshield. Push the glass out with your feet and have an assistant catch it from the outside.


    Wipe rust off of the frame. Wipe the sealant off the gasket and place it in the sun to loosen up.


    Fit the gasket around the windshield, making sure the side of the gasket with the slit faces outside the Safari. Run some sealant along the bottom of the gasket's half channel.


    Wipe petroleum jelly in the outer groove on the gasket and put some extra at the top and bottom center. Run a nylon cord around the outer groove leaving the two ends hanging out the bottom center.


    Place the new windshield in the frame from outside the vehicle and put the hanging cords inside the Safari.


    Pull one cord end slowly out to bring the rubber lip of the gasket in place inside the vehicle. Have your helper press the rubber gasket around the outside edge of the frame.


    Reinstall the wipers and rear view mirror. Allow the sealant to cure for 48 hours before driving.

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