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How do I Change the Brakes on a 2000 Ford Expedition?

Ford Motor Company equipped the 2000 Expedition with four-wheel disc brakes. When you hit the brake pedal, a rod on the pedal arm pushes into the brake master cylinder. This sends brake fluid down the brake lines to close the calipers. The calipers contain the pads, which clamp down onto the rotors, bringing the SUV to a halt. During this process, friction shaves a minute amount of material off the brake pads, eventually leading to a necessary brake job. If you have a little auto-repair experience, you can change the brakes on your 2000 Ford Expedition in about four hours.



    Shove the wheel chocks against the front and back tread on the left-rear tire. Place the end of the lug wrench on one of the front lug nuts and turn the lug nut counterclockwise until it's finger tight. Repeat this on each of the remaining front lug nuts.


    Lift the front end of the Expedition with the floor jack. Rest the SUV on the jack stands, placed under the front frame. Take off the front lug nuts and wheels by hand, which exposes the front brakes.


    Push your drain pan under the Expedition's driver's side brake assembly. Rinse all the visible brake dust off the rotor and caliper with brake cleaner.


    Unbolt the driver's front caliper with your socket set. Pull the caliper out of its bracket by hand. Remove the old brake pads manually and throw them away.


    Rinse the inside of the caliper, paying special attention to the pistons and slides, with brake cleaner. Apply a thick layer of white lithium grease to the slides.


    Retract the pistons with your caliper tool. Place the new pads into the caliper, making sure they sit the same way the old ones did, with the friction material facing inward.


    Set the caliper back into the bracket and reinstall the caliper bolts with your socket set.


    Move to the Expedition's passenger side and repeat steps three through seven on the passenger front brakes. Reinstall the SUV's front tires and lug nuts when done.


    Lower the Ford off the jack stands and repeat steps one through eight on the rear end. When you're done, tighten all the lug nuts to 140 ft.-lbs. using a torque wrench.

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