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DIY: Brake Line Removal in a 1991 Saturn

If the brake lines are bad on your Saturn, then the brakes on the affected wheel or wheels will not work. Kinks or holes in the brake lines require that you replace the line. Trying to straighten a kink in the hose will only weaken the line. If you plug a hole, then the repair is temporary at best. Brake lines are not that expensive, and the peace of mind you get knowing the lines are safe is priceless. It does not take very long to replace a brake line. The hardest part of the project is crawling under the car to do the work.



    Open the engine compartment of the Saturn and disconnect the negative cable from the battery using a wrench to loosen the terminal nut. Drain the fluid from the master cylinder using the turkey baster. Place the fluid in the drain pan for recycling.


    Place the wheel chocks behind the rear wheels, or in front of the front wheels, based on which end you have to work on. Lift the Saturn with the jack on the end you need to work on and brace it with the jack stands. Remove the wheel on the affected side using the lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts. Crawl under the car and locate the affected brake line.


    Clean the fittings on the brake line that you need to remove. The area must be clean or you will get dirt in the braking system, which is a hazardous situation. Place the drain pan under the brake line and loosen the fitting with a wrench. Allow the fluid to drain from the line.


    Move to the other end of the brake line and loosen the fitting with a wrench to remove the brake line. Allow the fluid to drain into the drain pan. Put the new brake line in place and tighten the fittings using the wrench. Snap the line into any clips that are present to secure it. Remove the jack stand from under the Saturn. Lower the car to the ground.


    Connect the negative battery cable and tighten the nut with a wrench. Refill the master cylinder with fresh brake fluid. Bleed the brake lines by having a helper pump the brakes several times and hold them. Open the bleeder valve with a wrench and expel the air from the brake system. Repeat as necessary until the air is out of the lines.

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