Sabtu, 06 April 2013

How to Fix a Stuck Emergency Brake

Nothing can be more distressing than having something wrong with your vehicle's brakes. Having a stuck emergency brake obviously isn't as dangerous as having your brakes go out on you while driving, but it's a serious problem that must be dealt with accordingly. It's not exceptionally difficult to fix a stuck emergency brake, but it's of great importance to get your vehicle in working order again.



    Put your vehicle in park, and engage the emergency brake if possible.


    Place a small block in front of or behind the rear wheels to keep the vehicle from rolling forward or backwards.


    Release the parking brake (if engaged) and then remove the switch panel from your center console. This may require you to remove a few screws and/or clips holding your trim panels in place.


    Locate the brake adjuster directly below the center console. It is a small bolt head that you will adjust clockwise until the brake shoes are almost expanded against the drum.


    Leave just enough space between the brake shoes and the drum to allow the drum free range to rotate.


    Rotate the adjustment wheel below the parking brake until the brake is completely operational.


    Test the parking brake to settle the brake shoes and make sure that it is operating on the third notch of the ratchet (emergency brake lever). You should hear three clicks, indicating the third notch.


    Replace all of the necessary panels back in their rightful location and remove the blocks behind your rear wheels.

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