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How to Get a Cheap Price for a Brake Job

Price for a brake job varies based on amount of work and type of car you own.
You must be careful when looking for a cheap brake job because you do not want to risk your brakes not working properly because you went for a cheaper price for the brake job.
Read the steps below to find out how to get cheap brake jobs while still guaranteeing that your brake job is done well.



    Understand that there are different levels of brake jobs. Price for brake job will depend on the extent of work necessary and parts that you need to buy. You may have to replace brake pads or shoes. You may have to resurface the rotors. You may need to replace the rotor. You may need brake fluid. There are a lot of types of mechanical work all termed "brake jobs".


    Catch brake problem early on to avoid expensive brake jobs later on. If you hear a strange noise coming from your brakes or a strange feeling in your brake pedal, do yourself a favor and get it checked out right away. This could make the difference between a cheap brake job and a very expensive one.


    Make sure your vehicle is inspected before you are given a brake job price quote. Without inspecting your vehicle, a mechanic has no way of knowing what type of brake job you need. He may just give you a higher quote assuming you need to replace extra parts that are really working fine. If possible, look for a mechanic that will give you a free inspection to save on the brake job cost. Get the brake job estimate in writing.


    Don't be lured in by ads for brake job sales that end up costing you more. You may see a cheap brake job price quote written in an advertisement. There is a good chance the advertised price is the price of minimal brake work being done. If you need additional work it may cost you more than the average car mechanic may charge.


    Ask questions when a mechanic describes the type of brake job work that needs to be done. Don't just go ahead with the mechanic replacing all your brake parts and doing extensive work without a justification.


    Use cheaper parts. You may be able to buy cheap brake replacement parts. In some cases the cheap brake replacement parts may be all you need, but you should make sure they fit properly. If you trust your mechanic you can find out what type of cheap parts he is using and if they are good enough for your needs.


    Use a mechanic that charges less per hour. The labor involved in fixing brakes makes up most of the cost of a brake job. If you can find a mechanic that is just as good but charges a few dollars less per hour and the job takes 3 hours to complete, the savings on the cost of the brake job may be substantial.


    Be sure to get a warranty for brake job work to save money in the future on brake jobs. Find out what the warranty includes and get it in writing. Keep the warranty in case you have problems with your brakes in the future.

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